“My mother took me to a public library when I was about 5 years old to play with stationary and construct robots from milk bottles and toilet rolls.” He must’ve really enjoyed it, because soon after he was attending art classes at a small studio in Cape Town for about 10 years, after which he concurrently attended two formal art schools. Wian graduated top art student in South Africa for 2007 but ended up studying Business Management with Economics at Stellenbosch University.

In 2012, Wian moved to Scotland to study a masters of science degree at the College of Art at the University of Edinburgh. A long way away from massaging pottery clay into the carpets of a public library, this is more or less when he started sharpening his focus on classical and contemporary art.

Instagram | @signed_wh

Artworks currently on show at:

Crust Café, 293 Bree Street, Cape Town

Fleurs Flower & Deco Boutique, 165 Main Road, Hermanus