Mass exodus form South Africa visualised

Remember the News24 click bait when the City of Cape Town wanted to impose fines on the homeless so that people who live in– and around the city wouldn’t have to drive past mopey beggars? SHOCKING, right? Like!

Remember the plan to replace Constantia, Rondebosch and Green Point golf courses with RDP houses? Like! 

What about this? “Tribunal forces WMC developer to build low-cost housing in the middle of Sea Point.” Double Like! 

There are literally countless examples of our peers with multiple degrees and IQ’s of 130+ to aim, shoot and score with only the buttons at the bottom of this post.

“Give back #OurLand!” Like.
“SA needs a wealth tax.” Share!
“Private schools and gated communities are racist!” Like!
“[Company] leaving SA over union concerns must shut the door behind them!” Like and comment!
“Julius chanting ‘Shoot to Kill’ and firing an AK47 over crowd is about anti-violence!” LIKE!!
Something about “aggressive BEE expansion and increased living wage.” Retweet!
“Another tax increase for the wealthy introduced.” Heart eyes.
“My privilege disqualifies me from having an opinion!” LIKE LIKE LIKE!

Naturally, the friends of ours with the highest score in this charade will deny having contributed to the mass exodus of wealth and skill, but the direct consequences of their actions are finally easily understood in the column on the right:

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